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Diverse  Learning  Environment


6 months - 10 years 

We are a wholly-owned early childcare and learning center. It provides a spacious, clean, safe-nurturing and developmentally suitable environment for early learners based on his or her unique schedule, nutritional needs & learning curve.


At the same time this allows him/her to get used to spending time away from parents while keeping their needs in mind. Infants are exposed to exciting stimulation through a mix of structured & unstructured playtime, interaction time with toddlers, rhyme time, story-telling sessions, gross motor & fine motor skill activities.

Mother Toddler

6 months - 1 yr 4 months

1st time in JODHPUR an exciting new service in a fantastic venue welcomes all parents to accompany their toddlers to enjoy their early days from walking to preschool. It is designed to provide a safe, secure, healthy and welcoming environment where your baby can thrive and grow from bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity.

The child care space and learning ecosystem that helps your tiny tots explore a rich sensory environment filled with different experiences of sights, sounds, textures and sensations. Develop gross & fine motor skills and environment to grow, roll over and pull up, crawl and step out into the world. Develop a sense of community that helps your child form relationships that foster a sense of security and trust. Explore the world with materials which spark curiosity and provide different experiences.


Play Group

1 yr 5 months - 3 years

Our curriculum is based on exploring two-way Communication. Children of this age are becoming skilled in back-and-forth Interaction. They use actions and gestures to communicate. Experiential and social learning and helps your child learn in a fun filled space through different activities. Different activities are planned to promote growth in cognitive, literary, logical and social skills and help the toddler grow into an independent and confident individual and prepare for needs beyond prep school.


3 years - 4 years

Our curriculum is based on encouraging Children of this age by introducing to the letter sounds thru phonics & by introducing to the writing skills by Montessori methods like sand writing, clay molding. Different activities are planned to help them grow into an independent and confident individual and develop readiness in kids for learning through warm and comforting environment. Our experienced and dedicated staff uses creative and flexible ways for kids to make learning easy while developing curiosity.


4 years - 5 years

Our curriculum focuses on building up good ethos and holistic development of children. It focuses on physical as well as mental development for building up solid foundations and habits of learning. We believe in “learning by doing” with loving guidance and enlightenment in different pedagogies. Along with language ability including LSRW we also focus on physical activity, music and dance, voluntary play, arts and craft etc.

Summer Camps

After School Club

Kidz Club

toy library

we have a structured after school program which is rich with activities, helping a child with holistic development. We strive towards providing a quality learning structure in the after school care program.


After School program provides a fun filled, safe environment with indoor and outdoor activities, where he or she can continue to explore, learn & build close friendships. The program is rich in extracurricular activities and touches all aspects including the physical and emotional well being of the child.


Some of the activities are:

  • Home work Support

  • Tod Program

  • Dance Classes

  • Music Workshops

  • Arts workshops

  • Gym for Kids

A time to learn with fun away from scorching sun and make most out of vacations.

Its a Summer camp which is suitable for all age groups starting from 1 year 6 months onwards. It is a blend of physical and artistic activities. We organize camps for various activities like performing arts, music, dance, language learning, logical reasoning, mathematics, writing skills, yoga, aerobics, and martial arts and so on...

Club House

Right toys at the Right age!

Have you ever walked into a toy store and felt awestruck with the variety of toys on display? Some will improve your child's hand eye co-ordination, some will improve analytical skills, and some will enhance language skills and so on. Which one should you pick up? And when? How will the toy help your child? We help you select the right toys at the right age.

Play with toys at a fraction of their cost!

There are zillions of great toys in this world, and as a parent, you want your child to have all of them! We give you a cost effective solution by making available to you the smartest toys at a monthly subscription

Choose variety of toys with minimum time investment

Does your child get bored of toys in a few days? Do you have to spend a lot of time thinking of new ways to keep him/her constructively occupied? At VIVITSU, we have invested a lot of time on your behalf in carefully selecting toys that will keep your child entertained and will help him/her acquire life skills.

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