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Day Care

Mother Toddler


Club House

Have you considered a place safe & secure which is an extension of your home ...

Where you can leave your child without a worry or a doubt while you are at work guilt free throughout
A center for infants, toddlers & kids nurtured by staff with love as the only rule
With a holistic approach to learning & living so that children becomes

gracious & giving & unfolding their true potential.

What Parents Think

The hard works with professional honesty which has been tirelessly carried out by each member of Team Vivitsu..It really deserves sincere  appreciation for maintaining and promoting academic as well as, intellectual quality being given to students. I extend my best wishes to Vivitsu Education and i am looking forward to have many more successes and achievements in the years to come and wish school to reach its pinnacle of success ..

I hope that this 7 turns into silver..."

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